IBM, Installation, metagoldstern
  • IBM

1999 Imagefilm (Format: DigiBeta) und Globe Installation auf der cebit

Creation: metagoldstern


  • Jacobs

2000 Werbespot (Format: 35mm)

Creation: metagoldstern


  • Merck / Bion3, Werbefilm

Creation: metagoldstern


Cube Installation – VW-Autostadt

VW – Autostadt, Cube Installation, metagoldstern

A four wall cube installation (4:20 Min) opens Volkswagen’s contribution to EXPO 2000: the Autostadt. Based in Volkswagen’s home town Wolfsburg, the Autostadt will demonstrate Volkswagen’s visitors for the new millenium.

Prior to the official opening an 1 June 2000, visitors now have the chance to get a first impression of the upcoming event. Located in a cube containing four eighty-five metre screens, a virtual journey through different levels awaits the visitor. Designed and produced by metagoldstern.com, this journey is an experience itself.

Within the cube the viewer experiences, through images and animations, the new challenges and mobility on our pace of life.

Source: ZOO, issue 4, january 2000, p. 238

ZOO, issue 4, January 2000
ZOO, issue 4, January 2000